continuously invest in the excellence of our teams.​​ ​<br>FIND MORE/en/pages/recruitment.aspx FLEET​Portugália Airlines has a fleet of 19 aircraft, available for hire under ACMI (Aircraft, Crew, Maintenance, Insurance) regime. Currently has its total flight capacity allocated to TAP.FIND MORE/en/Pages/Fleet.aspx WITH CERTIFICATION PART-147Portugália Airlines is a Part-147 Approved Training Organization. We offer training programs for technical personnel according to the highest standards and provide full B1 and B2 theory and practical training on Embraer ERJ190 series.​<br>​<br>Find more/en/Pages/TDetail.aspx?t=3 More

Our History

Portugália Airlines is part of the TAP Group, assuming a new business model.

In 2016 the Company renewed its fleet, operating with a fleet of 9 Embraer 190 aircraft and 4 Embraer 195 aircraft.




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Portugália Airlines is a young and dynamic company. We understand that the staff selection process is a crucial factor for success. Looking for “the right person for the right place” is extremely important so that we can continue to be known for our competitiveness, efficiency and quality of services. At Portugália Airlines we believe that the human factor makes the difference.

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