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Valter Fernandes



We also take the opportunity to introduce you to our new fleet. Portugália Airlines implemented a total renewal of its fleet in 2016, operating a modern Embraer 190 and Embraer 195 fleet under the TAP express brand. All the information contained here is aimed at conveying a concern with a service of quality and a responsibility towards the environment, the fundamental principles of today’s commercial aviation. Portugália Airlines has a young and dynamic team that pays particular attention to the challenges inherent to this business sector. Human Resources and the quest for constant technological innovation are our main strong points. Every day we work towards optimizing costs, increasing efficiency, improving processes and assuring the quality of operational performance. Furthermore, Portugália believes that safety is everyone’s responsibility and thus deserves better awareness and consideration. Never forgetting that prevention starts on land, we have a team of professionals willing to abide by the strictest safety standards in all stages of all processes, from detailed inspections to demanding operational tests. With this interactive platform we hope to get the necessary feedback for a better positioning on the market. We hope that this can be the gateway to a solid relationship based on trust.


Valter Fernandes



Never compromise on Safety;

Customer Focus: Provide a punctual service based on Empathy and Professionalism;

Integrity: Cultivate honest relationships, transparent communication and behavioral ethics;

Flexibility: To look for competitive solutions in cost to the Group, adapting to the constant changes of the market;

Operational excellence: Pretending to be the best in everything we do. Embracing innovation and knowledge. Promote the implementation of new ideas for greater efficiency and continuous improvement;

Teamwork: Inspire Employees to achieve goals and feel proud to belong to this airline.


Be the preferred regional airline on all routes operated;

Be an indispensable part of the TAP Group.


Provide high quality ACMI services and secure solutions to establish strong relationships and exceed the expectations of our Clients. Creating, at the same time, the best value proposition for the shareholder.

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Take off

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Take off

The idea of creating a new company in the commercial aviation market came about in 1987, an initiative of Coopav - Cooperativa de Pilotos (Pilots Cooperative), Transconsult - Gabinete de Estudos e Projetos (Studies and Project Bureau for the Transport Sector) and Grupo Espírito Santo.

The project materialized a year later with the incorporation, on 25th July 1988, of a public limited company with exclusively Portuguese and private capital.

Even though it was created in 1988, the Company only began operating in 1990. The city of Oporto was the destination for the first official flight, operated by a Fokker 100 that departed from Lisbon on the 7th July of that year. On that very same day the route Lisbon/Faro began.


From domestic flights to internationalization

Internationalization began in June 1992 with regular flights to Cologne, Turin and Strasbourg. Later the acquisition of two new Fokker 100 meant that market niches in Europe could be conquered.

With the full liberalization of the European airspace, in January 1993, Portugália Airlines was able to pursue its expansion projects, adding, in the years that followed, the cities of Madrid, Brussels, Mulhouse/Basel, Hannover and Stuttgart to its route map. In view of the new operational necessities the fleet was increased with two more Fokker 100.



European regional company



European regional company

In April 1997 the Company launches seven new destinations in the Iberian Peninsula and the United Kingdom: Barcelona, Bilbao, Las Palmas, Gran Canaria, Tenerife, Valencia, Palma de Mallorca and Manchester. To satisfy the growing operational needs and to make the fleet more flexible six Embraer 145 (49 seats) aircraft are bought.

The expansion to the French market happened between 1998 and 1999 with five new important destinations: Nice, Lyon, Marseille, Bordeaux and Toulouse. Still in 1999, a code-share agreement with the Moroccan Company Regional Air Lines added the Casablanca route, Portugália Airlines first non-European destination. The Company’s fleet stabilized in 2000 with 14 aircraft (6 Fokker 100 and 8 Embraer 145) operating until 2016. Portugália Airlines asserted itself on the European market as a private and innovative airline, guided by high level service standards. Its efficient and rigorous management and the team’s dedication and commitment to the passengers earned international recognition, as evidenced when it received the title of Best Regional Airline in Europe 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005 and 2006 and the Skytrax Award for Best Cabin Staff in Europe, in 2005.

In 2004 Portugália Airlines spun-off its handling area and associated itself with the TAP Group. SPdH – Serviços Portugueses de Handling, SA, where the Company has 6% of the share capital, was created as a result of such a process. Later that company changed its name to Groundforce.


Integration in the TAP Group

In mid 2007, Portugália Airlines integrates the TAP Group and takes on a new business model. The Company stops working the regional market independently and starts working within a Group logic as a supplier of flight capacity by hiring its aircraft to TAP.

The acquisition of Portugália Airlines strengthened the competitive position of TAP making the most of the already existing resources and of the various synergies resulting in the growth and improved offer in terms of the Group’s network. With Portugália Airlines participation the Oporto hub continues to grow. In spite of the existing contractual relationship, Portugália Airlines and TAP are independent companies that have their own legal identity within the same Group.



Fleet renewal

In 2016, the Company renewed its fleet, and is now operating with a fleet of 9 Embraer 190 and 4 Embraer 195.

This renewal brought to Portugália Airlines a new image, an increase in passenger capacity and greater flexibility while maintaining the same consistency and quality in the service provided.

The renewal of the fleet was a challenging project that Portugália Airlines took on with commitment, efficiency and dynamism.

The Company's aircraft fly today under the TAP express brand, supporting TAP's commitment to the regional market.


"The future continues with TAP express!



ANACANACAir Operator Certificate Ref.: Nº: PT-01/90<img alt="" src="/style%20library/PGA/images/pdf-icon.png" style="BORDER:px solid;" />
ANACANACContinuing Airworthiness Management Approval Certificate (Part M) Ref.: Nº: PT.MG.009<img alt="" src="/style%20library/PGA/images/pdf-icon.png" style="BORDER:px solid;" />
ANACANACMaintenance Organization Approval Certificate (Part 145) Ref.: Nº: PT.145.008<img alt="" src="/style%20library/PGA/images/pdf-icon.png" style="BORDER:px solid;" />
ANACANACApproved Training Organization Certificate Ref.: Nº: PT.ATO.006.03<img alt="" src="/style%20library/PGA/images/pdf-icon.png" style="BORDER:px solid;" />
ANACANACMaintenance Training Organization Approval Certificate (Part 147) Ref. : Nº : PT.147.007<img alt="" src="/style%20library/PGA/images/pdf-icon.png" style="BORDER:px solid;" />
IOSAIOSAIOSA Operator<img alt="" src="/style%20library/PGA/images/pdf-icon.png" style="BORDER:px solid;" />
DGERTDGERTTraining Certified Organization<img alt="" src="/style%20library/PGA/images/pdf-icon.png" style="BORDER:px solid;" />